“Sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced” (Oxford Dictionary, 2015)

You need to know how a small audio system works for when you put on an event; this can help when timings are tight, if your team need extra assistance and also so you know it’s been done correctly and safely.

How to set it up:

  1.  You put together the speaker and a speaker stand by simply placing the speaker on top of the stand slotting it into the hole.

    Figure 1 (Boobyer, 2015)
    Figure 1 (Boobyer, 2015)
  2. Get a kettle lead and plug the speaker in connecting it to the mixing desk to control the sound.

    Figure 2 (Boobyer, 2015)
    Figure 2 (Boobyer, 2015)
  3. Connect a microphone with a microphone lead to the desk.

    Figure 3 (Boobyer, 2015)
    Figure 3 (Boobyer, 2015)
  4. For setting up a gig the band usually have stage speakers so they can hear the sound themselves; to do this set up back speakers.
  5. Turn on the system; desk then speakers, then in reverse order to turn off.


  • PA is a chain therefore tech power is clean power. Domestic isn’t as it gets interfered.
  • Input and Output of the desk; so the signal goes into the desk and out of the speakers
  • Follow TECH SPECs you might be given.
  • Masters; main volume for speakers.
  • Frequency and Feedback

For more information Click Here.


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Figure 1: Boobyer, Abbey, 2015

Figure 2: Boobyer, Abbey, 2015

Figure 3: Boobyer, Abbey, 2015


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